Packet Instructions

NJ Youth Soccer Pass Packet Instructions – 2013/2014

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions page!

Updated August 1, 2013


  • Extreme care should be taken when completing member passes. All corrections MUST be made by GotSoccer and reprinted.
  • The players’ pictures must be recent. Photocopies of pictures are not acceptable. Do not use Polaroid pictures, as they will peel apart.  Do not use a picture from a previous year’s pass.
  • Make sure that the photo is large enough and clear enough for identification without deep shadows (like a passport photo). If attaching a photo, glue (not tape) photo to the pass in portrait mode (head to the top), not sideways! Digital photos are subject to the same requirements for clarity!
  • Do not trim around the face for photos. Leave them squared off and leave a couple inches (relative to the size of the face – about 1/4 inch of photograph) below the chin for the validation stamp.
  • Players and coaches no longer sign passes, but must submit a signed NJYS membership form.
  • Remove and retain player membership cards – do not submit them to me.
  • Include the out-of-state Pass for any out-of-state players in your packet to be processed along with their GotSoccer pass and the Permission to Play form.

Photo Location

Photos go in the UPPER LEFT portion of the pass. This is extremely important to the efficient processing of your packet. Of course, all other photo conditions need to be met:
  • Color photos
  • Not laminated!
  • Identification pose (DL/passport quality)
  • Good print quality (no bleed lines)
  • Proper size
  • Do not crop to the edge of the face
  • Allow room on the photo for the stamp without obscuring features
  • No hats!
  • Good contrast/clarity – it is for identification!

Coaches’ Documents

  • You must provide a legible copy of an “F” or higher license, and documentation of the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. certification (the NJYS “F” license meets this requirement).
  • You must roster all coaches for your team, even if they have a pass from another team.
  • Obtain Youth Trainer passes from the State office.
  • Paid trainers/coaches must have a paid trainer pass issued by the State office. No information needs to be submitted to the District Commissioner.


  • Your roster will be produced and printed by GotSoccer. Make sure you print the roster form that has the large box at the bottom for the NJYS District Commissioner stamp, and not a tournament roster!

Other Documents

  • CIRCLE the birth date on birth certificates. Do NOT highlight a photo copy that was previously highlighted (thereby obscuring it). I MUST be able to read the date of birth!
  • Keep a copy of the birth certificate or other proof of age for each of your players for future use. This is “just in case” – you will get the copy you submit back.
  • The Medical Release no longer needs to be notarized. Prior year Medical Release forms are acceptable provided none of the pertinent information has changed. If it has, do not make corrections on the old form, submit a new form with the correct information.
  • The Membership Form must be signed by the player – not an adult proxy.

Arranging Documents

  • Paperclip the documents in this order:
    • player pass – be careful that the paperclip does not scratch the photo!
    • NJYS membership registration form
    • proof of age
    • NJYS medical form
  • Stack the paper-clipped sets of documentation in the same order as listed on the Roster. This is required.
  • Have someone review your packet to check all of the items before you submit it. Club Representatives are a great resource to review your packet – use them.
  • Include legible email address and telephone number on the outside of the packet envelope.

Paperwork Summary

Required for Your Club

  • KidSafe Forms for Adults – Do NOT give to DC
  • Concussion Awareness Certificate – Do NOT give to DC
  • Club Registration Form (if used) – Do NOT give to DC
  • Any Registration Fees required – Do NOT give to DC!!!

Required for Your League

  • Team Application
  • Ratings Sheets
  • Pass Packet Fees

Required for Your District Commissioner

  • NJYS Registration Form for each Player & Volunteer Coach
  • Player Pass properly completed with acceptable photo
  • Volunteer Coach Pass properly completed with acceptable photo
  • Volunteer Coach NJ “F” License or higher
    (other licenses requires Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y.)
  • NJYS Medical Release for each Player
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or other NJYS-accepted proof of age
  • Original and TWO COPIES of the GotSoccer State Roster matching player passes (I will not make copies for you. If you only submit one, it will be returned for you to copy and resubmit).

Include a legible email address and telephone number on the OUTSIDE of your packet. Once your roster has been validated, any Adds or Transfers are subject to NJYS roster limits. Email is the preferred communication medium. Telephone calls may not be returned for several days.


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