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Dan Paolini
NJ Youth Soccer DC8
29 Windham Drive
Eastampton, NJ 08060
njdc08@gmail.com (preferred)
609-321-1591 (urgent issues only)

Communication must come from
club/team officials, not parents/players.

Check here regularly for information
on player pass and roster processing.
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Closing Out

I will be handling any post-season transactions that I receive through Sunday June 21. After that date, I will no longer be providing DC services. Sometime over the July 4th weekend this web site will be taken down.

As a reminder, if you are interested in becoming the new DC, please drop me an email or contact your league administration.

Thank you everyone and have a great summer!..


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Unavailable for Processing

Due to work commitments, I will not be available to work on new transactions until Easter Sunday. You may still drop off paperwork at your convenience. Thank you for your understanding.

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Looking for a New DC

I will be stepping down as DC 8 at the end of this season (or sooner if a replacement can be found). If you live in the area of the District 8 clubs and are interested in stepping up, please contact the South Jersey Soccer League, South Jersey Girls Soccer League, the State Registrar or me. For more information, please review this FAQ:


I have enjoyed the last five years but it is time to move on. Thank you to everyone who made the job a little easier by following the instructions!..


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Home Stretch

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

In the past week, I have received forty-eight more packets, bringing the total for the season to 101. Ninety-seven have been completed. Of those ninety-seven, twenty-four (about 25%) had errors that needed to be corrected; several required more than one attempt. There are four packets that have been reviewed but are also awaiting corrections.

The vast majority of errors are due to photo quality. This is even after applying a more liberal standard than I probably should. As a reminder, if you get a photo that makes you wonder if I would approve it, get another. Additional issues have been generated due to the State’s clarification of the pass policy for coaches that coach for multiple teams. Coaches are only to get one pass and that number will be used on all other rosters.

If you have not submitted your packet yet, please due so as soon as possible. Because of a death in the family, I will have less time to work on packets over the next few days. Thank you…

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Paper Chase Update

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

We are at the halfway point of preseason processing. After the first two weeks, I have received fifty-three packets (just under half of the expected Fall Season teams).

  • Thirty-nine (almost 75%) were approved without issues.
  • Eleven were approved after corrections.
  • One of the eleven needed to be “corrected” twice.
  • Three are waiting on corrections.

Of the fourteen packets with issues, twelve had photos that needed to be replaced and five had paperwork that needed to be corrected (obviously three had both). Photos continue to be the single most common issue, which is why there is so much information here on the website about photos.

The second most common thing I have heard is coaches that don’t know about the website until after they have submitted their packet! I am asking for your assistance. If you are reading this and are a coach of one of the clubs in District 8, please share the website with your fellow coaches.

For anyone with an outstanding packet, I would encourage you to have your paperwork to me no later than Friday evening August 29. Because of the holiday and league requirements I cannot guarantee that your packet will be approved in time if submitted after that date.

In general, I request that you submit it at least seven days before you need it. This is not because it will take me seven days to get to it (although it may take two or three during the peak time) but to allow time to correct the issues that have befallen about twenty-five percent of the packets this year. Thank you!..

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Packet Processing Update

Through the first ten days, thirty packets have been received and reviewed. Twenty-two were validated without the need for any corrections or adjustments. Five were validated following corrections. Three are awaiting corrections.

Six packets have had photo issues; some combination of “too small”, “too dark”, “too unclear”, or “poor printer quality”. Three packets had dates of birth errors. One packet had incomplete documentation.

Of the packets processed without correction, a number of them had photos of borderline acceptability in which one of the dimensions of size, clarity, contrast or quality was poor but was offset by the others being good.

If you are uploading photos to GotSoccer (which a number of coaches highly recommend), it is important that you review the photo as GotSoccer will be printing it. Print a test page. If photos are printed small, you may need to crop them so height is longer than width. The photo should also be a portrait shot from the upper chest to just over the top of the head. If you upload a landscape (wider than high) photo of a player showing knees to top of the head, GotSoccer will print a photo where the player face is about a quarter-inch in diameter! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

If you are playing in a tournament this weekend (Aug 23/24), please drop off your paperwork (after carefully reviewing it and your photos) as soon as possible…

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Coaching Multiple Teams

Within the same club, a coach that coaches multiple teams will be assigned only one pass number and receive only one pass. The pass will have the name of the first team for which the coach received a pass. Any other teams will enter the coach’s original pass number onto their rosters. They will NOT print another pass for the coach.

The team shall include a photocopy of both sides of the initial validated pass (no need for another membership form or copy of the license).  In the event that the original team and a second team’s rosters are being processed contemporaneously (the first pass is not yet validated), the second team should include a note to that effect along with a photocopy of the not-yet-validated pass.

Because the team name on the coach’s pass will not match subsequent teams it will be important that any other teams on which he or she coaches keep their roster with their passes in case the coach’s pass is ever questioned.

Remember: One Coach, One NJ ID #, One Pass per club…

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Processing for Marlton Tournament

I will make every effort to have any packets I receive by 4 PM today (Wednesday) processed by 7 PM (assuming no issues). It is my understanding – but I have no direct knowledge – that the tournament has arranged for a DC to be at registration to process packets. If you take advantage of that convenience, the DC will become your DC of record. You will need to go to that DC for all subsequent roster changes throughout the rest of the seasonal year (Fall and Spring seasons)…

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Important Information: Digital Photos & Packet Guide

This guidance is based upon how other software works. I do not know for sure how GotSoccer handles uploaded images, but it appears to work this way:

If you are uploading photos, make sure they are physically cropped so as to be taller than wide. Most software will scale an image to the largest dimension. A wide photo with space on both sides of the face will result in printing a very small image of the face.

Please crop your photos before uploading. If GotSoccer has image processing tools that can do that for you (like Facebook) please let me know and I will pass on the instructions.

Pass Photos

I have also attached a copy of the presentation I made at the information session held two weeks ago in Lumberton: Completing a Team Packet

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2014-2015 Packet Processing Has Begun

Soccer Start

credit: picksdazer.com

I received my new stamp Friday; GotSoccer is open for the new season; the first packet was out the door Saturday morning.

Please remember to place documents in the requested order, double-check your dates of birth and make sure photos are clear, of good quality and of sufficient size for proper identification purposes.

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